FM Asset Strategies

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We believe that every FM strategy should seek out a win-win position for you and your occupants. Your assets have got to work optimally, pay their way, and enhance your user's experience every single day or night.

Our collaborative approach will help you develop a plan that improves the functionality of the environment and safeguards the asset's effectiveness over time. What does this really mean? 

Time and years take its toll on physical assets. All the component parts of the building’s internal and external fabric, like the roof, windows and the heating system etc endure wear and tear. Inevitability these elements come to the end of their natural life. If they are not regularly maintained, they may come to their natural end quicker than they were designed for. We look at the life cycle of those elements and work with you to develop a maintenance plan. Costing different scenarios to give you financial foresight on how best to manage and maintain your assets. We bring innovative new products to the table for consideration, all the time giving your FM asset plan a compliance health check. The aim here is to give you options and information to develop a sustainable and viable FM asset strategy.

Additionally, if you are a developer or landlord taking on a new asset, we are equipped to work through the condition of that asset to help you look at the financial and maintenance liability of your investment.

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Audas Group can offer a full end to end Property Management solution. We operate in the Development, Design and Delivery world. Letting us additionally provide you with asset management through the life of your scheme means we can demonstrate and share with you cost savings, speed up solutions to your problems and get assets back on line quicker after a single call to us for support.

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Audas is a team committed to making a real difference to people’s lives – and nothing is more important than the roof over their heads.

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