Compliance Management

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We are here to help you manage your property portfolios legal and statuary requirements. Enforcement agencies keep raising the bar and you need to stay ahead.

The route to operating and managing a compliant property portfolio, however large or small can be difficult and uncertain.

As a Landlord, RMC, Social Housing Trust you have accountability to comply with a range of regulatory and statutory standards for your property and the occupants within it. How can we support you to ensure that your assets are complying with these standards and laws?

We de-mystify the jargon and create a clear plan detailing what you need to do to meet regulatory standards and laws.

We run a compliance health-check that’s tailored to your needs. Our role is to help you:
• Plan, organise, record and report, ensuring compliance with laws and standards.
• Inspect, validate or monitor what you already have in place.
• Identify and bridge gaps in any non-compliance by creating a road-map to compliance
• Keep you abreast of new, changing or updated legislation or standards.
• Report on your assets giving you assurance that are being managed to meet industry and legal requirements.

We offer if required a full inspection regime. We validate and monitor what you have in place at that time. We review your existing compliance strategy to check it is fit for purpose. We are then able agree with you where we have risks and propose solutions to ensure we are following the requirements of the legislation.

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It is our role to help you understand the real cost of compliance. We can undertake financial appraisals covering a range of outcomes and methods for achieving these with timeframes and a full business case back up for the desired solution.  

A team you can have total confidence in.
Audas is a team committed to making a real difference to people’s lives – and nothing is more important than the roof over their heads.

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