Block & Estate Management

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Becoming your
Managing Agent

We are here to deliver a tailored management plan reflecting the needs of your property and the leaseholders within it. We are more than a managing agent just ticking off a to-do list.

We understand that these places are not just assets but people’s homes, they deserve to be managed right both on the inside and out. It is important that we agree collaboratively the management plan. This needs to be robust to deal with the rigours of your property but also reactive to the unforeseen realities of the resident’s everyday lives.

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We have nationwide coverage and access to a capable and trusted expert supply base. Once we’ve established an action plan, we will agree with you a regular routine of visits, and issue risk assessments that are reported, and managed to a set of agreed close out dates. 

Block & Estate Management services


Open/Handle bank accounts
Prep annual budgets
Billing and collection of service charges/Management fee each month
Prep service charge year end change
Periodic budget reporting; income/spend/cashflow

Reserve fund planning
Pay weekly/monthly invoices
Arrears collection management
Contract payment & invoice/reconciliation

Leaseholder Relationship

Attend routine enquiries from residents and/or leaseholders
Respond to solicitor/leaseholder requesting assignments and licenses

Lease Compliance

Ensure compliance with terms of lease
Agree with RMC board
Instruct solicitors for breeches
Subletting changes, handling requests for any changes/approvals

Risk Mgt, FHS, Compliance

Organise periodic health and safety checks, fire risk assessments, and specific asbestos updates, or legionella checks. Ensure appropriate risk assessments are in place and plans to demonstrate actions being managed safely.
Arranging for specialist checks and test by contractors

Repairs and Maintenance

Administer insurance claims
Repairs and maintenance mgt strategy
Deal with (agreed) day to day repairs and maintenance promptly.
Prepare maintenance plans and contracts for key assets/plant and machinery

A team you can have total confidence in.
Audas is a team committed to making a real difference to people’s lives – and nothing is more important than the roof over their heads.

Other property management services

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We care, we believe in action, not words and when we promise, we deliver.

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