Property Management Services

We are excited about bringing three primary services to market to help both our existing and new clients right across the property sector.

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Block & Estate

We are here to deliver a tailored management plan reflecting the needs of your property and the leaseholders within it. We are more than a managing agent just ticking off a to-do list.

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FM Asset

We believe that every FM strategy should seek out a win-win position for you and your occupants. Your assets have got to work optimally, pay their way, and enhance your user's experience every single day or night.

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We are here to help you manage your property portfolios legal and statuary requirements. Enforcement agencies keep raising the bar and you need to stay ahead.

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Why choose Audas Property Management?


Better at communicating with customers. We recognise you deserve to know


More personable and approachable. We thrive on building relationships


Our people care. That is why they work for us


Proactive and responsive.
30 years in the sector has taught us this is vital


We’re here to be that company you can rely on - no matter what


We strive for excellence in all we do.

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We care, we believe in action, not words and when we promise, we deliver.