You probably have a few questions about property management and managing agents. We’ve compiled the following answers to some of the most asked questions.

What does a Managing Agent do?

We are here to ensure you live in a well maintained and safe building. We work with you to budget and spend carefully to help ensure that you get value for money but also no surprise costs down the line.

What is a Residential Managing Company (RMC)?

Formed of residents that supervise the upkeep and running of their block. They are leaseholders of property within the block. They appoint directors and register as a Limited Company. We work with the RMC to aid them make decision about their block. E.g. annual accounts preparation, chair meetings, budget planning, contractor costs, appointment and supervision of works. RMC are also known as a Right To Manage (RTM) group.

Who looks after the Long-Term maintenance plan?

We provide a budget for future expenditure. We aim to get a service charge budget that covers the short-term annual cost of looking after your building but also prepare a plan to maintain and or eventually replace certain assets in your building. Putting a reserve into place equitably ensures that there are no nasty surprises.

What is ground rent?

As a Leaseholder in a building or estate you have to pay the owner of the land it sits on a rent annually known as ground rent. The Agent or Freeholder collects this by agreement.

How can I give you feedback?

Please use the contact us part of our website for any questions or queries.

How do I report a repair?

Members get access via our Blocks Online portal. This has contained within it a reporting page for repair items reported by any resident.

What is a Lease/Leaseholder?

You often enter into a lease when buying a flat. In effect a leaseholder rents from a freeholder for a number of years, decades, or centuries. The freeholder grants you a lease and so becomes a Landlord. Leaseholders generally repair everything within their four walls. The Freeholder owns the structure and common parts of the building and the land it stands on. They are responsible for maintenance and repair of the building. They collect the justifiable costs to do this from the leaseholders via the service charges. The freeholders usually appoint a Managing Agent to oversee these matters.

What do we do for you in as a leaseholder in a block or estate?

We make sure the building is maintained and compliant with FHS regulations. We work with you to set a service charge. We collect it, manage the block's own trust account, pay bills, provide annual accounts. We manage repairs. Work with contractors to complete works. Arrange insurance for the building. Ensure communal areas and assets are safe and in good order.

Who looks after the Health and Safety issues?

We ensure the Building complies with H&S regulations. We visit regularly to review all safety features of your block. We ensure these measures are in place and that they are working. We undertake risk assessments, report, and follow actions through to completion. We Undertake Fire Safety assessments. Report and follow up on issues arising. We ensure contractors are competent and complete works to a good standard.

What is a service or estate charge?

These are set out very clearly in your lease. They cover the site-specific activities, responsibilities and costs and/or apportionment for each specific leaseholder. Landlord and leaseholders should be clear of their duties. The Agent manages the service charge budgets on behalf of the Leaseholders/ Landlord.

How do I contact you out of hours?

Please contact us via mobile: 07747761294

What areas do you cover?

We have a nationwide UK coverage.

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