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Well done to our big brother Audas Project Management

Well done to Audas Project Management who were the main contractor for the new Primark store in Tamworth. The store has now opened.

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Committee calls on government to scrap cladding loan scheme and establish comprehensive building safety fund

The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee has urged the Government to re-commit to the principle that leaseholders should not have to pay for the removal of unsafe cladding from their homes and calls on the Government to establish a Comprehensive Building Safety Fund…

Optimized Service charge

Why do you have to pay a service charge and what is included in the charge?

Within the terms of the lease which you signed when purchasing the flat, you will have agreed to pay a service charge (as well as a possible ground rent) to…

Optimized block management companies

What is a block management company responsible for?

Block management companies are typically engaged by the Freeholder, a Residents Management Company, a Right to Manage Company or a similar party.

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How do I form a residents association?

The Federation of Private Residents Associations (FPRA) provide guidance on their website as to how to form a residents’ association.

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How is my service charge calculated?

The landlord should follow the lease terms when charging you service charges. The service charges will usually be split between leaseholders in a property.

Optimized fire risk assessment

Fire risk assessments: how often must they be done?

There are no specific time periods in law for how often fire risk assessments must be carried out or reviewed.

Optimized Block management

Who regulates block management companies?

Currently, there is no governmental body that regulates the block management industry however there are self-regulatory bodies that provide such safeguarding for leaseholders.

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Advice on building and fire safety and mortgages for leaseholders

Summary We’ve put this guide together to help explain how the Government’s building safety advice is affecting leaseholders and how we as your property manager will be responding to this.

Optimized self isolation

Self-isolation and your Mental Health

Whether it’s getting used to having the whole family at home or it’s your first time without the structure of office life, it can be frustrating being stuck at home.

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